Property Management

Palmetto Medical Diagnostic Center, Hialeah, Florida


Four-story building with both physician practices and an onsite surgery center 58,000 SF. Client contacted JRL to inquire if we would be interested in managing the property. At the time, they were not comfortable with the performance of the large national  property management company and determined that they needed to make a change.

palmetto before
OUR APPROACH: Property Evaluation and Cost Savings Initiatives

1. Parking lot operations

a. Evaluated entire parking lot for trip hazards, drainage systems, and designated physician parking spaces. Corrected compromised areas and made recommendations regarding parking assignments.
b. Implemented a color-coded ticket distribution system that eliminated visitors to the property to reuse their parking vouchers on multiple days.
c. Developed an accountability system where revenue received by the parking lot attendees could be tracked and reconciled. The commerce was strictly a cash business.
d. Created caution and information signs throughout the parking lot warning visitors of parking violations, potential theft, and the cost of parking.
e. Developed parking passes, to be hung on the vehicle rear view mirrors, identifying physicians for the designated parking spots.
f. Replaced the components of the exit arm to ensure reliability. Over 400 vehicles pass through each day.

2. Exterior Landscaping

a. Removed three tons of construction debris (embedded concrete, screws and nails, etc.) around the exterior perimeter of the building.
b. Prepared the area for future installation.
c. Received three bids from landscape architects.
d. Hired and project managed the extensive landscaping installation.
e. Interviewed and hired landscape company to maintain the property.

3. HVAC Units and Water Cooling Tower

a. Performed a full evaluation of the HVAC units and cooling tower.
b. Received reports on areas of concerns and projected budgets for repairs.
c. Drained and cleaned cooling tower and replaced an old motor.
d. Cleaned the cooling coils and changed the filters in the common areas of the building.
e. Lowered electric bills by running more efficient units.
f. Lowered water bills by repairing leaks in the cooling tower.

4. Front Building Entrance Expansion

a. Met with the general contractor to develop a project plan.
b. Established a plan with timelines and milestones.
c. Hired sub-contractors to supplement the general contractor’s work. This included electricians, fire alarm company, sprinkler company, and paving company.
d. Managed the project for the building.


The property achieved the expected professional presentation and curb-side appeal.


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